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They are pretty old, no you’re right they are very old. But, if we can’t manage them with rapport (and i get the impression that it won’t be easy or even possible), then we’ll probably fall back to Plan B and just use a compact flash to ide adapter, a small CF card, and thinstation linux to force a terminal service session into the server holding all the shop data. We’ve been messing with this on the side and it looks like it will be pretty effective and from what you indicate, alot easier. We have one we’re testing thinstation on and another i’ve been playing with win98se on. Seems odd that they have 400mhz amd’s. We’ll have to scale those back to where we can run with just a good heatsink otherwise i’ll be plagued with dead fans all over the place.

Anyway, a couple of questions:

You mentioned that these are re-branded, do you know who originally made these?
What newer models would you recommend? Please keep in mind that i am looking for some extremely cheap stuff since i don’t expect good life from them.
Along with that, what are some good souces for used wyse equipment?