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Im having a very similar problem. My install is workgroup edition 4.5.1 on 2003.

I have a mixture of 3125 3360 and 1200le’s. The 1200le’s checkin perfectly as i was able to update them from 4.2 firmware to 5 using the dhcp option tags and wnos.ini

I have not been able to discover any of the CE terminals at all. If i manually add the http agent to a 3360 or 3125 then it will immediately start working and checkin. Until i manually install the http agent they are completely invisible to WDM. By manually i mean physcially logging onto the winterm and hitting update and pointing to an fTp (wdm) server.

This is a problem as they have hundreds of devices at different locations.

It doesn’t appear to be a routing/switching issue as i am testing this on a local LAN using both directed and udp discovery (have tried different winterms and different hub/switch).

The WDM server is installed on Microsoft Virutal PC… im wondering if this may be stopping the SNMP Broadcast traffic?? Would it be multicast or unicast – would it matter on a VM running the NIC in bridge mode. Has anyone else use WDM in a VMWARE/MS VIRTUAL PC machine to discover winterms using a ‘legacy’ agent and not the Http agent?