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Hi dajuice,

Yes, you are 100% correct. The Microsoft RDP 5x client does not support spanning the desktop across two monitors. At this stage MS have not committed on when the RDP6 client will be supported on CE.

If you look at XPe and load the MS RDP 6 client it will span both screens no problem. You will have to upgrade the client that ships with the V90L.

With the splitting 2 wide screens CE is doing this naively so it assumes both screens are wide screens. It is possible to do this on some PC’s as there is an application (desktop manager) that allows you to re-size windows on each output. Also many Vid cards like ATI ship with Hydra which does great desktop management. CE does not have a built in desktop manager so its not as flexible.

See how you go with XPe, I am not sure if there is any desktop management software on the units but they will span for sure. Also I think Wyse are releasing some server software to handle the RDP spanning soon as well.

On the Citrix side CE will span Windows no problems as well as putting apps in each windows. I am not sure if the CE ICA client support extended desktop yet.