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Assuming it runs OK from the batch file run from the terminal can you post the Rapport script as it may be an error there. The script may look like this:


SF “QFE_updatebatchfile.cmd” “Z:batchfile.cmd”
EX “Z:batchfile.cmd” “+”


Now, as a side issue. I would not recommend updating every patch this way. Why? Many of them are not required as parts of the OS are missing and you could be patching something that does not exist. Also these patches fill the flash at an alarming rate.

If you go to on the main downloads page you can subscribe to an email where Wyse vet every MS release and if its an issue repackage it as small as possible into a Rapport package you can load up and push out. Also Wyse email you when this is done so you don’t have to remember to check.

Now this is not to say you can’t do what you are setting up but check the patches you are pushing and don’t fill the flash. Also consider firewalling the units and maybe on a separate VLAN.