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The device (Wyse 3150) does not load Windows ce. A black screen appears, where I can read: “no boot filename received”.

I want to load the image that comes by default in the Wyse 3150.
The manual of simple image tool that i have is:

WISard Stand Alone


Execution of this application requires a Windows 2000 Server on an ISOLATED NETWORK that contains DHCP Server Services.

Install FTP and DHCP Service
Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs
Add/Remove Windows Components
Internet Information Service (IIS)
File Transfer Protocol
Network Services
Set static IP on the server (ex.
Set DNS (ex.
Create a DHCP scope
Control Panel/Administrative Tools/DHCP
New Scope
Scope Options (Define option: 3, 6, 43, 67)
Option 43:
0000 3C 04 49 54 46 00 43 09 <.ITF.C.
0008 72 6F 6F 74 2E 69 32 75 root.i2u
0010 00 00
For option 67: rapportitf.0
Activate DHCP scope
Create an Account
Local Users and Groups
Create User: rapport
Password: r@p8p0r+
Setup FTP
Create directory: c:intepubftprootrapport
Control PanelAdministrative ToolsInternet Information Server
Default FTP SiteRight ClickPropertiesSecurity Accounts
Add rapport user to FTP Site Operators.
Click on Home directory and set c:intepubftprootrapport
Set Read, Write, MS-DOS
Copy WISard under c:intepubftprootrapport
Go to c:intepubftprootrapportToolssa
Edit env.i2c and update
Utility execute tftpd32.exe
Go to Settings and set root tftp directory to c:intepubftprootrapportToolssa
To pull
Go to command prompt (cmd)
cd c:intepubftprootrapportToolssaalone
run alone pull (ex. alone pull 9V90 test9V90)
For push
Go to command prompt (cmd)
cd c:intepubftprootrapportToolssaalone
run alone push (ex. alone push 9V90 test9V90)
Product name and i2d file must be the same

How shall i do it?

Thanks for yous help and your patience,