Reply To: Assign network printers by user?

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Hi Shep,

Because you want to have a user.ini users will have to log in to the terminal. With a Citrix environment the easiest way to do this is with PN Agent. This way you can use your AD credentials to log to the terminal and Citrix to receive your apps and user.ini settings.

The printer mapping worked 100% for me so I believe you have an issue with the Citrix set up for client printer mapping. I would go back to basics.

– Does client printer mapping work on a PC?
– Are you using the Citrix UPD (this will not work on Blazer)?
– Is there any errors in the Citrix Server event log on print mapping failures?
– Do you have the drivers loaded on the Citrix server for the Printer you are trying to map?
– Add the printer to the wnos.ini, does this work?

Unfortunatly printing is and will remain, one of the more difficult aspects of setting up Citrix,