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What I did in the past was this:

– Configured the 161 and 162 Option tags

– Put netXfer on a computer on the same LAN as the devices and set it up with the appropriate IP

– From Rapport send the BootP addon, all this does is tell the device to restart and do a bootp request

– This should start the netXfer process loading the code (mini ROM)

– when the device re-boots it will have a small version of Blazer, enough to read the DHCP option tags and load the rest of the code for the full upgrade

– The kit comes with old code, make sure you contact Wyse and get the latest WTOS 5x code. USB key support will be out later this year (hey, you paid for it!)

I am not sure why it will not work with a crossover cable, make sure you are using the correct code for the 3235 conversion. Its not the same as the 3200 conversion code. Also try a different device, maybe you have a problem one. Generally I have found the crossover cable conversion very easy.