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Hi Enam,

That’s a good question.

WDM has its own DHCP proxy service that only responds to Wyse MAC ID’s. That is a DHCP broadcast from a device with a MAC of 00 80 64 XX XX XX. Also the device must have been registered in the database before WDM will respond to it. To do this the device must have the Hagent installed.

In this way if you boot a V0 it will never end up in the WDM database and will never be managed (which is what we want)

With WSM 1.1 there is a small extra DHCP proxy service that you can install to stop WSM trying to stream to everything. In later versions this service is installed by default. I would recommend upgrading to WSM 1.2.2 as is has this service and a number of other enhancements.

Currently WSM supports streaming to any PC (not just Wyse V0 clients) and will deliver Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows XPe. CE and Linux are not supported yet, as no one big enough has asked I guess. Blazer is also not supported however as you point out the OS is so small you can just network boot the whole thing (this is not really streaming)

I hope this helps!