Reply To: Backend SQL and IIS recommendations supporting S10 Clients?

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Hi Scott,

I have used DL360’s in production many times and they are a good selection for a reasonable installation of WDM.

My personal set up is teamed NIC’s for fault tolerance and move the Inetpub to a partitioned D: drive. (Don’t use 2 separate NICs with IP’s as WDM will not work multihomed)

Really a second server for SQL is overkill, I would use and existing SQL installation if you have one or just install full SQL locally on the WDM server. It will not have a significant impact on performance. If you do load it all on one box, install SQL to the default C: drive buy set the Database directory to D:/MSSQL.

Also check out the build docs in the Rapport downloads section on this site, the hotfixes will not be required for WDM 4.5.1 but the general process is still correct,