Reply To: Backend SQL and IIS recommendations supporting S10 Clients?

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Hi Scott,

You should not have any issues running WDM over WAN links with the S10. The communication protocol is very light and not chatty at all. I would go into the Configuration Manager – Preferences in WDM after installation and untick SNMP as it is only required for older devices.

Apart from the Com’s with WDM the S10 will download the wnos.ini file which is about 2Kb so no big problem there. Note it also downloads and wallpaper/screen savers on boot so make these .JPG and keep it small. I saw one site with slow boot times and it turned out to be a 2MB wallpaper was the issue 😀

The other big plus with the S10 is the firmware is only about 1.5MB which is a huge plus when it comes to upgrade time.

For the amount of devices you are talking about use a reliable dedicated server, 1 CPU, 1.5GB RAM. I site I saw recently with 3500 devices the WDM SQL database was about 80MB.

I hope this helps, if you are using WDM Enterprise with DDC and S10’s it works great for distributed sites,