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We have done some more testing.

I found a guide here on this site that explained that you should only make image of the second partition. So that’s probably why the first tests failed.
Now we tried that and both the making of the image and the return of image on a crashed s50 works fine. But the terminal still gets the same message. “No boot device present. Halting”. Why is that?

We also tried (just for the fun of it) to take one S50 out of the box, never used, boot from USB first time and take an image of all three partitions.
Because we wondered if there could be some issues using image from one unit on another unit, we decided to try to put back the same image on the very same unit. It failed during the ghost process 😥 Not with the same error as last. Now it says “Unable to find 32 free blocks in …”

Are there any reasonable explanation for this? Are there no way to capture an image of an entire unit?

– rj