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I’ve re-downloaded the image several times, and re-imaged with these, all with the same results. I do have other units, but I need to try with another method (WSI, WDM) first as I don’t want to run the risk of killing further V90s!

Plus, the unit was working OK before the re-image attempt – we were trying to return it to some semblance of factory default. If there was a flash problem, would this have manifested itself before?

I just re-read the original post. What he said was an error message followed by several progress bars is what I’m seeing too. I took this to be the DOS imager trying for PXE, failing then picking up the image locally, then rebooting. I don’t have the USB Drive with me here, so I can’t check for the log. Suffice to say the process doesn’t give any indication of failure, as the word “SUCCESS” is used at least once before reboot.