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I am assuming you have the S10 firmware called RCA_wnos in you wnos folder? Is there any errors in the S10 system log like “unable to access system profile”?

Also make sure you have the line Autoload=2 in the wnos.ini.

Finally sometimes I get a device like this and after a “reset to factory defaults” it loads the firmware correctly,


The correct firmware (RCA_wnos 5.1.028) is now on the FTP. Tried several settings in the wnos.ini, but it looks like the wrong flashed wbt’s are not picking up anything.
A reset to factory default would be great, but I can’t access the settings in de S10, keyboard and mouse are not detected. So the “G-Key”-option doesn’t work.
Also because of that I can’t have a good look at the event log.
After booting the S10, it stops at “Conneting to file server”, and after a while it tries to connect to the default “Desktop”.

I while return both devices to the supplier today, perhaps the can get the correct bios installed.