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Hi Luke,

Thanks for your support, its the first time I have ever run a web site and the positive works from folks like yourself really make the commitment worth it!.

There have been quite a few questions and post in this forum on this subject. If you read through you will see that I am not a huge fan of joining XPe terminals to the domain as it takes a lot of planning and that what we are trying to lose client side when going thin.

The have a user save preferences without domain member ship you could use the Flex Profile kit to save the shortcuts even with the enhanced write filter. If you do join the domain don’t use roaming profiles, stick with flex. Also Doug Brown has a great util that allows password changes for PNagent on non domain members, this is work testing.

Here are some links:

Flex for Wyse:

Domain Membership package:

Doug Browns Utils:

I hope this helps, post back with your solution and experience so we can share it as its a popular topic,