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Hi Fauxone01,

You are still having problems with this, I remember you posting that you could not get the remote site working.

Let me make sure this is correct:-

– You can pull an image from the remote site (US) but you can not pull an image on the local LAN (UK)

– the scheduled job has an error

If Krazial see’s your post he is the man for this but I will try and help.

Does the scheduled job error out? Whats the error? Does the client re-boot when you shedule the job and what happens.

Generally its always the remote site that does not image, local always works.

You are right, the remote repositories are to deliver software, any incoming files always go to the Master. I have never seen this as an issue as people configure terminals locally and when they have a good image they deploy it out. It is amazing you can push and pull over the WAN but not on the local network,