Reply To: Piss poor performance on 3150SE winterms?

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I agree, the Citrix ICA 9 client with published apps is really poor. Is bad on all vendors units. Yeah sure, run it on a 800MHz or 1 GHz unit is almost OK but you should not have to buy a monster thin client to do this. WTOS, Linux and XPe run rings around CE for published apps and I wish Citrix/MS would put some effort into this.

Try this – run a published desktop with the app. Set speed screen to off (not auto) video to 16 bit colour sound off and bitmap cache on.

Also if you must run a published app downgrade to older firmware with the ICA8 client as it is faster for published apps (slower for desktops).

I belive Citrix has an issue with the seamless window engine on CE.

Many use CE with no issues but try before you buy as it depends on what you want to do with it,