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What you are seeing are issues with why I do not like joining terminals to the domain.

Here are a few guides for domain member ship…

1/ Disable roaming profiles, this can be done from a reg key (search this site for the key).

2/ Configure a default profile that is clean and ensure you copy the correct settings at login. This will give you the appserv.ini and other settings every time. Use FLEX profiles, local script but I would stay away from domain profiles.

3/ Make sure your default domain profile is not setting up the incorrect locations, internet and temp files should point to Z: not C:.

5/ Files that write to C: and roaming profiles including large uncontrolled profiles can fill up the space. This causes the unit to reboot. The ICA cache in the appserv.ini should be set to Z:

6/ Don’t add the names to netXclean, let it delete the profile and save space. If you set it to 0 you keep fillinf up the space.

7/ Stop any existing Group Policy applying, create a clean policy with no settings and set it to replace all others. Locate the units in a container separate to PC’s

Basically create a unit that is almost stand alone in the way profiles are dealt with and keep them small and lean. This will avoid the problems you are having. Personally there needs to be a good reason for domain membership, I would not bother for the what you are trying to do – simple is good!