Reply To: S10 and Workspace control/reconnect to disconnected sessions

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Hi HotDog,

The re-connect feature will not work with your setup.

Because you are launching a ICA session and then passing the username to the login there is no way the Citrix DC to look up if you have a session to connect to. This is because the connection has already been made to the server.

This is the same as a PC with the full ICA PN client with a shortcut to a desktop.

The only way you can use the reconnect to existing sessions is if you send the userid with the login, this requires the signon=1 command. Have a look at the pass-through example I posted recently here in the Blazer download – configurations.

Finally pulling the cable out is different as the terminal is trying to recover its active connection. Also session reliability is not supported on the WTOS.

I hope this helps, for you to use this feature set up a pass though setup, you can hard code the user in if you like as I notice you have this in your setup,