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This is a new install of Rapport. This is installed on Windows 2003 SP1. The Rapport4 service is installed. I don’t know what the com service pack is. How do you check Windows DEP. IIS is starting only the Hserver service was failing. I did not know about the instructions located at initially since they are not a part of the “official” Wyse Instructions. I have since looked at them and I installed HF04041021605, HF04041020005, rebooted and then installed HF04041032905 and rebooted. Of course Rapport was already installed when I did this.

It appears that the Rapport Hotfix has fixed my HServerInit error. However, if I right click My Computer and choose management I recieve the message “Snap-in failed to initialize. Name Rapport.” It looks like the old mmc is still registered somewhere. Any idea of how to remove it?

Lastly, after the Rapport hotfix was installed when I launch Rapport I get the following message “The following Rapport 4.0 components may need to be updated:SWREP on ‘server name’. Please check/verify that the latest components of the Rapport 4.0 software are installed before continuing. Any ideas?