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How do you use the command line on a S50?

The way i did it is the following:

1. I exported the certificate to a ftp server. I also renamed it as a .crt file.

2. I then created a browser link to the ftp server and downloaded the file to the default home/root folder.

3. I then went to start-control-panel-ICA. Then in ICA i opened the firewall tab and clicked on manage certificates and then clicked on add. I then clicked on from file and navigated to the certificate in home/root and clicked on add. I then double checked and the certificate was in /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts.

4. I could not add a certificate using ftp because some reason it would not populate the box with certificates when you select a FTP server and a directory it does when adding add-ons.

Attached below is the link to a citrix forum i found:

PS i am of similar opinion of other users of this website and will do my best to help it take off because the Wyse website is not the most useful for support. Keep up the good work.