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Thanks for the extra information, as always there are a few ways to achive what you are after. One way is to use PNagent as you are using Citrix. Here a a few sugestions.

Citrix PNagent:

– Have a Web interface server and create a PNagent site
– Set the MPserver= command in the wlx.ini file with the IP of the PNagent server
– You could either publish the icon to the desktop or create an icon with a connect statement and pass the user details through.


You can also do a LDAP look up and log in with AD username and passwords to the terminal and then pass this information on to a Citrix shortcut.

– Use the confgen tool to configure a wlx.ini file that logs in to AD
– build a connect= statement to the Citrix applicaion, make sure you pass the username and password through or the user will have to authenticate twice.


The final choice is to log the user in automatically as a default user using .ini files only however if the user selects logout instead of shutdown they will not know how to log back in.

Hopefully this is of help, have a play with the confgen tool and the Linux params guide (which I just updated with the latest version). Hopefully you will find a solution,