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First off, thanks in advance for your help.

We don’t use DHCP, everyone has a static IP address. But, you are right about the setup of the server tab. I think part of the problem is that is not setup properly on the clients. I don’t think they are pointing to the /wyse directory. But, that’s easy enough to take care of. So, we can go forward under the assumption that all clients are pointing in the right place.

Secondly, we are using ICA (Citric) and TEC connections.

I figured we’d have to use a login. I was hoping not to because it will cause some confusion with the users, no doubt. But if that’s the way it has to be, then that’s the way it has to be. Using their “windows” login (AD) would probably be the best way to go. I’d rather them have to have an extra login then be able to mess around in the control panel or delete a connection in Connection Manager.

As for Wyse, I did have a contact over there, and he was quite helpful. But the last time I contacted him with a question he told me to call support and if need be, they’d get him involved. So, I contacted Wyse CS but never heard back from them. After the 4th non-returned call, I came here for help.

So, to recap….let’s go with the assumption that the Server tag is configured properly on all clients. The clients are configured with ICA and TEC connections and have static IP address, not DHCP.

Thanks again for your help, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.