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Lets back up a bit here…

If some devices are not getting the signon=0 then it tells me the ftp directory is not set correctly on the server tab on the terminal. So before we go on make sure you have done the following:

1/ Use the DHCP option tags 161 and 162 to define the ftp server.
2/ Use the ftp firmware or Rapport to ensure all terminals are on the same level of software.

This should create a reliable and consistant environment for you.

Next, are you using ICA or RDP? This will tell me what options you have to log in.

Finally, yes we have to have signon=1 if you want 2 levels of privilege. We can make a user.ini the automatically logs the terminal in on start up. The only issue will be the user could select “logout” and would not know how to get back in without a reboot.

The second option is we get users to log in to the terminal with thier AD username and password and have this information automatically start the ICA or RDP session. Only one login is required and the username and password will pass through and log the user into the server.

Let me know which way you want to set it up and I will post an example and don’t forget to let me know what you are using – TS or Citrix.


BTW – Wyse support will only really help if its a problem with hardware, really the VAR who sold the devices to you should be helping you set them up.