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Gotcha! I’ll try that out in a few minutes. My next question is in order for this login to work, there has to be a user signon, correct? Right now signon is set to 0 (which is another question I have). Is there a way to have the signon set to 0 but still get to login as admin? Does it involve enabling the 5 second countdown to login?

Now, about the SignOn= command. I noticed that on some of the clients we are using (all S50s) the command works, and on others it doesn’t. I have SignOn=0 and Priviledge=None. On some clients it works perfectly, but on others, they are getting a login prompt for a user (guest) and password. Does this have something to do with firmware version?

Thanks again for all your help. I lost my contact at Wyse and haven’t had much help from them since then.