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That is a good question, there is no remote shut down command for the terminal so I it’s not possible. The terminals only use 7.3 Watt’s when not in use compared to a PC which uses an average of 180 Watt’s so its really not that big and issue, you are already saving power just using 1125’s!

1125 Power usage

Standby – 7.3W

Average – 8.6W

All ports loaded to maximum spec – 23.5W

The reboot is a separate question; you could use Rapport Workgroup with a reboot script set to run on a week end. I have done this before to update devices out of hours.

One final suggestion is to use this command in your wnos.ini

AutoSignoff=yes Shutdown=yes

This will force the 1125 to power off when the user logs out of the session, this should solve the problem as terminals will always be off when not in use. Forcing the open sessions to log off from the terminal server on the weekend will power down the devices if users don’t log off. You could do this by setting a disconnect after x seconds of idle time on the servers.

Wow, and it looked like such a simple question! Post back with which way you are going to go,