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Good News!!! It seems there is a little surprise MS have hidden within XP Embedded SP2 (which would explain it as I couldn’t work out why we hadn’t seem this behaviour before!).

Here’s what I’ve found –


1. Local Users/Admins can right click -> Save Target As with no problems
2. Occasionally (depending if you block the Default Domain Policy from applying or not) Domain Users/Admins can right click -> Save Target As however most of the time as soon as you do that you get a big fat “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded” alert and the dialog bombs out.

After some Google searching I came up with this link from MS about Internet Explorer Zone Registry Entries –

This thread from an MS Newsgroup has the solution and some chat about it –

Basically, in the following keys –


You need to set “1807” to have a value of 0. It is set to 3 by default which causes IE to break.

If you read that Microsoft article from the link above – they have the 1807 setting marked as “Reserved**”.

Moral of the story – when Microsoft says something is “reserved” for future use, chances are they are using it 🙂