Reply To: Automatically Setting a Time Zone & Daylight Saving.

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Hi Leigh,

There are 2 ways to do this:

1/ No Rapport. Just set a different scope up for each DHCP range in the sites.
ie. Site 1 – 186 tag = 187 tag = /site1
Site 2 – 186 tag = 187 tag = /site2
Site 3 – 186 tag = 187 tag = /site3

This can be delivered from the router in each location, all wnos.ini files are in the same central server in different directories.

2/ Use Rapport Enterprise to hand out wnos.ini files via DHCP, see this artical:

Post back if you need some more information, the download section has some examples on how to set up the timezone= setting in the wnos.ini file,