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I agree about the 1200’s, they are great!

The S10 is the 1200 replacement as the 1200LE is at the End of Life, its the same OS but with a slightly bigger OS (1.4MB) and a few more features. If you plug one in your network it will user your current wnos.ini file.

The netboot 1200 code from memory required the user to hold a key down on boot to load the code (it was in dev only). I think they relised the 1200 was so old Wyse dropped the project.

XPe are very flexable but the large footprint makes them a hassle to update. I am going to post some more Rapport scripts for XPe soon to remotly configure time zone, wallpaper, screensavers etc so watch out for that.

Feel free to contribute to the site, any information is welcome and I don’t want the site to be driven by just me,