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Hi TT,
I wish I’d known about your site sooner, excellent reference site, well done 😀

Thanks for your help, at least I know now and wont waste more time on it, although the network boot sounds interesting…any idea on where I can find it ❓

My current work around has them accessing the CSG through their existing Citrix Server, which isn’t ideal, but works.

I haven’t had much to do with the 1125 or S10, but people on your site seem to think they are pretty good…should I be using them instead ❓

Not that I am unhappy with the 1200LE Winterms, they are an awesome little device that just work.

I have experimented with using the embedded XP Winterms, which I like, they have certainly improved a lot since the early NT4 days.

I am happy to post and will add your site news to my RSS Reader, maybe I can contribute something useful one day 🙂