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@thinkthin wrote:

In answer to these yes its a standard compact flash, any linear flash (AMD, Centennial) will do. There is no file system, the card is imaged at hex00 and witten as a system/boot/command file. You can use a 32MB card pre written to.

Ah, now I didn’t expect that! If it also contains the system BIOS including the netxfer bootstrap that would explain why it does nothing when I switch it on..

@thinkthin wrote:

To my knowlege CE 4.2 was the last Wyse port of CE for this modle so getting CE5 on it will be a challenge.

Yup.. To be honest I think I’d be fairly happy with 4.2 – I want it for RDP 5.1 and the IE 6.0 support

@thinkthin wrote:

Sounds like a lot of work to me, but it could be done. I would see if you can find a compact card and flash it. Now you are going to ask me how, ain’t you ehh??? No idea but I will find out and post back.

How many of these old clients do you have, seams like a lot of work when you can get newer ones from ebay. CE is not my favorite OS for Citrix anyway…

It would be nice if you could find a pointer, yes. Perhaps I just need to find a compact flash writer, and stick ulc_code.bin on it.. Or maybe I need to get Linux on the system and use that to read the 2Mb system flash ROM.

I had a look at the circuit board again – the 3630LE motherboard uses surface mount technology on both sides of the board. Desoldering the flash will be a pain so I don’t think I want to do so!

I only have one unit, so far. Whilst there are other Winterms on ebay cheaply the advantage with the 3630LE is the all in one TFT monitor/winterm package. I’m tempted to see what I can do with others if ones with a reasonable amount of flash appear online!

Thanks for getting back to me