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Wow, complex questions! I am not that up with the older modles but here goes!

1) It is a custom flash format, rather than a standard CF card in the 3630LE isn’t it?
2) If I can get hold of either a genuine wyse card or construct a CF->smartmedia adaptor does this operate instead of the built in flash, or in addition to the built in flash

In answer to these yes its a standard compact flash, any linear flash (AMD, Centennial) will do. There is no file system, the card is imaged at hex00 and witten as a system/boot/command file. You can use a 32MB card pre written to.

3) Is this seamless – that is – will it work fine with CE4.x and CE5 or does it need special software support

To my knowlege CE 4.2 was the last Wyse port of CE for this modle so getting CE5 on it will be a challenge.

5) Desoldering the current 16MB and putting a 32MB or greater flash chip in, is going to be a whole world of pain, isn’t it?

Sounds like a lot of work to me, but it could be done. I would see if you can find a compact card and flash it. Now you are going to ask me how, ain’t you ehh??? No idea but I will find out and post back.

How many of these old clients do you have, seams like a lot of work when you can get newer ones from ebay. CE is not my favorite OS for Citrix anyway…