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I cannot reach him today, cause his mobile phone is turned off…

The Diagnostic tool tells me that my Hinit-Server and Standard Service Information ist not in the right IP. So I looked into the Rapport SQL-DB and changed the IP in table “server”.

After that the diag started with all signs green, so everything seems to be allright. But another problem occured, of course when sth. is changed manually.

I cannot start the HInit-Service as long as the IIS Rapport HTTP Server is running. Wehen I turn HTTP off Hinit will work.

Of course in Rapport I can’t manage any TC. Btw I have WT1125SE. So they get the config from FTP but the DDC from Rapport.

What’s wrong now??


Here is what the System log shows:

1. When IIS ist runed off:

“Unable to initialize the Rapport Management Software Web Server component. Either Rapport Web Server has not been installed or the Web Service is not configured properly. Please refer to the Rapport Help documentation for more information.”

2. IIS online and HinitServer
– Debug: Got IIS web service info from metabase
– Debug: Successfully got IIS web service info from metabase
– The service was started.
– Rapport Management Software Web Server component successfully initialized
– The service was stopped.

The InitSerhver is not starting properly.