Reply To: Can I send a config to a terminal Via FTP not via Rapport

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Ahh, sounds like a fair bit of past history there…

This is what I can suggest, you will need Rapport to pull the conifg file, this can be done in the lab not on the prod network. You will end up with a settings.reg file (the registry of the unit). You do not have to bundle this into an image of course, it can be just pushed back out so long as the target terminal has the exact same version/build of firmware.

If you really are not able to use Rapport for the push you can use the ftp upgrade method to do this so long as the terminals have the automatic ftp upgrade option set to on. There is an artical on this here:

It is possiable to use this method to push the config file only but if the terminal is on a different firmware level this could be bad.

Really however put Rapport back in the network and drag and drop the firmware and then the settings.reg if you do not want to bundle.

Good Luck!