Reply To: Can I send a config to a terminal Via FTP not via Rapport

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Yes I was looking at that document today and tried a couple of images with success although much more testing woul need to be done. Yes this seems be a great idea and I agree this would be the simplest process for this project. I will certainly try to push this method at today’s meeting.

Unfortunately as I have just been thrown into this project recently and if you take into account the lack of knowledge and training with thin clients, combine this with bad past experiences with config’s bundled with firmware’s and very little time to run enough testing to try new things, this has left the management, less than enthusiastic about this the above method. You get the drift….

So from your reply I am gathering that an FTP pull of a config is not possible? How about using SNMP to pull a config?

Thanks very much for your reply ThinkThin!!! It is appreciated