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I’ve got a few issues with installing 4.4.1 on a Server 2003 SP1 machine too. It seems to make it through the intial setup stages, but dies on the FTP Testing – there doesn’t seem to be any clues in Filemon as to what it tries to do unfortunately.

I’ve given ‘Everyone’ full control over the ftproot folder and applied the MS Hotfix mentioned in the article from above (COM 1.5 Rollup).

Here’s a bit from the WyseInstall.log file that shows it bombing out during install:

19:42:14|featureevents.rul|61| Repository_Installed Begin
19:42:20|Globals.rul|172| CustomFTPDialog(): Unable to connect: FTP Error:10061
19:42:29|featureevents.rul|85| TestFTPConnection failed. Exiting install
19:42:29|Setup.Rul|655| OnAbort()::Enter

Any ideas what to try next?