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It’s a weird one. All XPe terminals have a feature called netXclean, on log off this cleans up files that could fill the flash and copies registry settings (namely the MC Licence key) to a small 1MB partion on the device. When the device boots again it reads the TS CAL back again. In this way the CAL is saved.

There are loads of terminals out there still with SP1 and no issues but for some reason a small amount have this issue. There is a batch file that you can put in the start up folder to ensure the TC CAL back up happens but I have only had limited success with this. I have seen this first hand and it’s a strange issue that Wyse and MS tried to resolve and “went away” with SP2.

Interestingly I have never seen this with XPe no service pack and the process of TSCAL backup is identical. One cool thing I found with my old XPe environment (no service pack) was they told the Windows 2000 TS licence server they were full XP Pro and so I never had to buy a TS CAL! Back in 2002 CALS were like $190 AU so this was very sweet.

Moral of the story, sometimes the MS bugs can even be good. As a FYI I have never heard of the TC CAL issue on XPe SP2, maybe someone will post if they have fixed this issue with the upgrade so we know for sure,

Good Luck!