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I really like the idea of the commit changes program, to do the same on an XPe Wyse terminal should not be hard. But first some history…

Netier/Wyse was the first with the write filter technology and it has since been adopted by Microsoft and is now found in most XPe Thin Client vendors. The write filter (or Enhanced Write filter as it’s now called) supports a few command line switches. One of these is the commit the changes and reboot. You could easily make a nice script to put on the users desktop to run that will commit changes and reboot the terminal.

If you password protect the running of the script it’s a bit pointless as once users know the password they can run the script any time. Also this method commits all changes to flash, maybe ones you did not want to save as well. After all the whole point of the write filter is to stop users changing settings.

If possible try to get Rapport to complete the changes. Write a package for the printer and time zones etc and push it. Maybe make a login script on the terminal that maps printers on start up? It will not save but run each time the terminal boots. This site has a few Rapport scripts to get going. Also you can white a script to send the command to commit changes, all the hagent does is issue this command line information. (See the XPe admin guide for the write filter command line switches)

Finally if you can’t manage the devices you can use the NetXclean program to exclude certain registry keys from the write filter. This is a better option than allowing users to commit changes as you can just allow the critical registry keys to save (time zones, home page etc)

If you do not know how to access these features post back, who knows this could be a good topic for the next article on this site!