Reply To: Modifying CE Images without PXE on the network

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OK, here is the answer…

Yep, the the Wyse simple imager tool can reimage terminals one by one….but why bother…

As far as PXE for CE, you don’t need it. Rapport uses TCP/IP for image upgrades so PXE plays no part, no need for IP helpers, here is how to do it:

– Configure a terminal and then from Rapport select get device config.
– Load a new image into Rapport by downloading it from with the Rapport script.
– Run the Packaging wisard to bundle a the image with the device configuration.
– drag the new image to a device to deploy.

Finally, yes you can have more than one PXE environment on your network, I have had ZENworks, Ghost and Rapport all playing nice after some tweaking.

BTW – I thought the poll was a bit harsh in this case give its just a setup issue 😉