Reply To: T50 (0.27 image) remove old ICA settings

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Hi CG – Thank you for responding to me.

Yes I’ve tried several reboots and I have even SSH’d onto the terminal and removed:-

/etc/wyseroot/wlx/bitmap/ – all entires in in this folder
/home/guest/Desktop location – all entires in in this folder

After a restart the old ICA shortcuts still return (Verified they only read the one mac.ini file per unit).

The ONLY way I have found to remove the old ICA icons is by:-
1. Removing the files described above
2. Disconnect the terminal from the LAN and reboot it
3. Plug in the LAN cable once the terminal has rebooted

Its very strange and I cant visit each terminal to manually disconnect/reconnect the LAN cables! 🙁

Thanks for your assistance!