Reply To: Wyse V10L (6.5.0_41) support With XenDesktop 7.1

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great, thanks very much for the response. I’ll confirm our maintenance agreement and look at upgrading the firmware on the devices as a pre-req for getting V10L devices working with XD7.1

Could I also confirm that the following devices will work with XD7.1? (if they have the latest firmware version of 8.0_210)

1. V10LE
2. S10
3. C10LE
4. 1200LE

Is the firmware version 8.0_210 available for the above devices?

Just confirming, if we upgrade to version 8.0_210 we will be able to point the devices to a load balanced StoreFront address (vServer from a netscaler), for example https://storefrontinternal.fqdn/Citrix/Store/PNAgent/config.xml

Being HTTPS, what certificate requirements are needed on the end-point devices?

Thanks again,