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For anyone who is purchasing Xenith thin clients: Make sure it has a drive (memory module, etc). I bought two then found out the DOM’s were missing.

I purchased two replacement 1GB DOM’s for two Xenith WYSE Pro’s and tried to use the USB download tool to install the Merlin packages.

One WYSE copies the images, but then craps out during the file copy with what reads like sector issues. It then fails the BIOS update with a image file size mismatch. Through this process, it damages the USB drive, so it can’t boot again and must be re-imaged.

The other device complains about a security key failure. Interesting, because it is a Xenith Pro. Maybe someone slipped me the JP version??

Word to the wise: If you buy something used, make sure it boots perfectly the first day. If it doesn’t, you might have bought a brick. ReImaging these devices is a pain, and not very straightforward….