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The connector is standard 44 pin IDE, same form as used in laptop computers from the IDE era (though the gender is reversed between board and drive). You can install higher cap 44 pin vertical flash modules (available up to 128GB) that match or are similar in form factor to the OEM module, or using various cable adapters, any IDE drive you choose (solid state or platter-based). Of course, the case lid would no longer fit in the latter instance. Having said that, I can’t vouch that the board would adequately power a standard hard drive. I’ve installed those in the older 9000 series thin clients with no issue, but I believe those units were designed with that in mind. I can’t imagine an IDE SSD would be a problem in that regard.

The imaging software, WDM or USB, will handle a larger flash module with little issue, that I’ve found. I also haven’t found the Wyse (or HP) thin clients to be particular with respect to the brand of module. Apacer, Kingspec, Transcend, and various others have invariably worked for me.

In short, your intention can be easily achieved. I’ve done it on many V-series units.

I don’t believe it would be easy to make a USB drive into the boot drive.