Reply To: Include=$TN or $mac not working

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FTP Server logs showed that it was trying to pull $mac.ini from wnos/inc and not wyse/wnos/inc like it should have been.

I’m not sure if one of my IT colleagues changed the DHCP tag on 162 (it is now just “/” and I could have sworn it used to be “/wyse” but that was quite a while ago that I set it up and don’t remember) but by adding the “/wyse” to the Root Path option it works fine now and is looking in “wyse/wnos/inc” like it should be.

I did have a reboot loop issue that seems to be resolved by removing the File Server option. It seems that has fixed my issue as it was being assigned via DHCP and the wnos.ini file. That was a bit frustrating at first but all seems to be well there

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things 🙂 – thanks for the help 😀