Reply To: wt9450xe only beeps at power up

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No sure, if you are still waiting on an answer.
The only option you have here is to replace the BIOS.
As the units do not boot at all anymore, you would have to go this way.

– open a working unit
– open a broken unit
– look for the BIOS chip. This is a small 1x1cm socketed chip.
– remove the working BIOS and plug it into the broken unit
– now start the unit AND reflash it
– directly after the flashing process starts, but before the real bits are written, press “Pause” on the keyboard to halt the flashing process.
– now unplug the working BIOS chip in the broken unit and replace it again with the broken BIOS chip.
– continue the flash process

This may sound strange as you are unplugging a chip while the unit is powered on but I did this many time myself and never ever had a failing unit.
Of course, doing this is on your own risk. But you have nothing to loose, I guess.