Reply To: T50 PNA Authentication gets ‘Stuck’

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Hi ConfGen,

I am experiencing the same issue but with different symptoms. The domain users gets authenticated 100% and get the list of published apps / desktops directly from PNagent with no issues.

The same problem occurs when user mistakenly enter wrong user name or password or hit Blank instead of password.

The ‘Password’ dialog hangs indefinitely after the user hits Enter showing Authentication Failure. The unit then has to be power-cycled 90 % of the time.

One thing more, when authenticating with Domain it takes too much time in processing in comparison with C10LE, how can we boast this time in T50?

I am using Latest Firmware: 20120203-0_U-1.027_T50_merlin.exe U-1.027

Thank you in Advance.