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One aspect of the mixed environment we’re struggling with taking advantage of, is it’s use with terminals that autologin to our domain for their View connection. Let me explain.

We do not use DHCP tagging. We’re not using a mac.ini or a username.ini. DHCP tagging is kind of tough for us, as other terminals NOT under our control are on our network. MAC.INI in our testing doesn’t seem to help either. You’ll perhaps understand later.

Most of our terminals come in and grab their wlx.ini from our Rapport server as the local rapport user we have on our server. They FTP in, land right at InetpubftprootRapport and look for the wyse folder which contains wlx.ini and such. On the terminal, we set them to get their INI from ftp://servername/wyse, and again, all come in as rapport.

For these devices, we can get the mixed mode working no problem. Within wlx.ini we just specified the line UPGRADE.IMAGE_ROOTPATH=/wyse/$PLATFORM/, and it works. We’ve tested it across R50 and D50D devices that we support. The users that autologin are a different story.

Autologin users have their own folder on our FTP server. They have the same INI path specified as ftp://servername/wyse on the device, but, as they come in with their own user name, they land at Inetpubftprootusername and look for the wyse folder there. This means, that the root path is different, and thus doesn’t allow us to utilize 1 central location for the firmware/addons on these devices. As a result, we have multiple (couple hundred) individual folders all containing identical firmware files and addons, which obviously is a tremendous waste of resources. But it works!

We can get it to utilize the UPGRADE.IMAGE_ROOTPATH variable, but, it doesn’t work like we’d want on these devices. Essentially, the OS is appending the value of UPGRADE.IMAGE_ROOTPATH to the individual user’s landing spot. This negates the idea of a universal folder for all devices.

Is anyone aware of another variable or INI entry or ANYTHING, that allows us to specify an absolute path?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance.