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Kind of a minor issue, but, is anyone aware of a way to change the appearance of the View client? Basically I am looking to:

1. Get rid of the VMware Horizon View Client window that sits behind the Connect to Server login screen. There’s no real reason I’d want my client to have that appear and sit there. Is it causing an issue? No, it’s just kinda there and I don’t need/want it to be.

2. Center position the Connect to Server login. When it first comes up, on a 19″ LCD, it’s centered within the VMware Horizon View Client window. I want the login centered at the direct center of the screen itself.

Again, these are extremely minor, but, if someone was aware of some tweaks within the INI I would utilize, I’d appreciate it.

We’re utilizing the. 2.0 view client on the D50D and R50LE, both on the most recent firmware and utilized mixed mode.