Reply To: Change device info, reboot and shutdown not working in WDM

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Hey, I think i figured it out. The problem is the version of the firmware combined with the version of WDM.

I played around with it and got 7_1.033 working with WDM 9.0 but for some weird reason I could not get the keyboard into the correct layout.

So i tried upgrading the firmware again to 7.1_122 and changed WDM to 4.9.1. This made me change the ini file because of this:

; If you are using a version of WTOS code < 7.1_133 please use:
; RapportDisable= instead of WDMService=

So i changed RapportDisable=No into WDMService=No….

And after that my WDM stopped communicating. It seems quite obvious now but that’s what they say about hindsight i guess…

I have a different problem now unfortunatly. Sometimes they still don’t register. The following appears in the event log:
Contacting WDM Agent: Open “;” failed

I’m pretty sure that means the WDM Agent is trying to connect to a horribly wrong IP. Now i’ld just like to know why and how to fix it.

Thanks in advance.