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That is correct. When you use &Right or &Left, it reads however many characters from the direction specified and looks for only that file. It will not deal with partial matches.

So here’s how I have these set up. We have about ten locations and a few different usage profiles within them. All the locations have three-letter codes, so I use those and use three more characters to differentiate the profiles. So I end up with 4-7 profiles per location, all using six letters. Those profile names are the beginning of all the terminal names. Then I do an include from the left with the first six characters. I have another include statement for nine characters because one location is large and has several large departments.
The clients from that larger location still see and try to run the include statement for six characters, so they look for the location and department codes. But since I don’t have a .ini file named precisely that, it doesn’t cause any issues.

So you can definitely use two include statements (the two you tested), one looking for the .ini matching the last two characters and one looking for the whole-name match. But if your goal with the whole-name match is to apply a few settings only to one machine, another option would be:


This looks for a file matching the last six characters of the MAC address, which will obviously be unique. That’s how I’m keeping the device-specific .inis more separate in the inc folder from my area-profile ones.

As to the Exit=All, you only need that statement in the included .ini if you want that .ini to be the last thing processed. For example, I have the display settings at the very end of wnos.ini, with an Include=($MAC,6).ini right before it. If I want to use the $MAC.ini for alternative display settings and not have the defaults in wnos.ini be processed, then I use Exit=All. But earlier Include statements aren’t looking for settings to replace a contradictory default, they’re just adding settings in. So there’s no Exit=All and processing continues where it left off.