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That does. What I was trying to do would be have the specific terminal configurations in the wyse-trm.ini file (such as the resolution, the mouse speed, etc., etc.) and in the xp.ini file there would be a XenApp connection to an XP desktop

I don’t know how to best explain the question; I did some quick testing using both:

with terminal name:

and .ini files:

The wnos.ini would always load

the wyse-trm.ini, wyse-trmxp.ini, and xp.ini files all contain Exit=all at the end of them, so it would include the first .ini file but on the second. I didn’t test without exit

BUT the important thing I answered:
using Include=&Right($TN,2).ini WILL NOT include both the wyse-trmxp.ini (or the wyse-trm.ini) and xp.ini file, it will only include the xp.ini file.

So, if you use &right or &left, it will only include the truncated file (in my case, xp.ini). you would have to use a separate include file (such as Include=$TN.ini) to include the normal terminal name file